The Post and Beam Place

We specialize in creating original and custom Post and Beam Building Connector Plates, joist hangers, gussets, and truss hardware.

Timber Frame or Post and Beam Buildings, which are Better and what are the differences:

While similar to timber framed,  a Post and Beam buildings use metal connector Plates to join the framing members and trusses.  Giving a building a very Rustic personality and a "one of a kind" look of strength.

A true Timber framed building uses only wood with pegged mortise and tenon joints with no metal visible or hidden.  Timber framed buildings requires a highly trained and skilled crew and is a truly labor intensive process.  Trying to do your own Timber Framed building takes more training and time than most people can imagine.

Both building types will create a truly one of a kind beautiful building that will stand the test of time.

Using our custom built Post and Beam Building connectors, you will get your building up faster with that incredible strong, rustic look.  With Our Post and beam connectors you can be building while the "other guys" are still learning how to cut a mortise and tenon joint or trying to find a competent builder.

What's Included?


Custom Connectors, gussets, and Pricing Information:

Just email, fax or snail mail us a drawing and your specifications. It does not need to be in any special format as long as we can read it and understand what you want and we will get you your quote out ASAP.